Is it possible to actually MAKE money during a serious recession?

The answer is YES!

You Can Still Get Wealthy Investing In Real Estate

Just Because Everyone Else is Poor Doesn’t Mean You Have to Be!

Transcend Statistics and Ignore Forecasts of Financial Gloom and Doom!

Learn the Secrets of Seriously Smart Investors!

Read -

Serious Real Estate Wealth!

Buying Real Estate is the #1 Way to Get Rich Without Risking One Single Cent of Your Own Money

Learn How Even With Bad Credit and No Experience Buying and Selling Properties!

Dear Friend,

Even if you have no cash, bad credit, and never owned real estate before you can make BIG money fast investing in REAL ESTATE! By big money I mean $100grand a year or more selling properties at ten grand a pop!

Furthermore this $100 grand that could be in your future can also be completely TAX FREE!

Are you ready to take the first step towards financial freedom!

All of us dream of retiring early, of being financially secure and being able to take time off to enjoy our family, friends and pets whenever we want.

Everyone wants to enjoy the luxury of long vacations, trips around the world and being able to buy the finest clothes, wine and education for our kids that we can possibly afford!

However thanks to the global recession the American Dream seems like it will remain just that for most people.

The grim reality is that the recession has had a terrible impact on most people’s plans for retirement. In fact many of us have literally had our nest eggs stolen by the terrible economy and are desperate to recover our losses.

They say that the long journey to any type of recovery, including financial recovery begins with a first step.

Are You Ready to Take The First Step Towards Financial Independence?

Reading Real Estate Wealth and putting what you learn into practice can be that first step that you take towards regaining control over our lives.

Sure statistics tell us that we are richer than ever, that our incomes are higher than ever but it is so evident that our paychecks buy us less every year. Between inflation and taxes most of us are living hand to mouth even if we are working more than one job!

Did you know that houses that were bought for $30,000 in 1970 are now selling for almost $800,000? NOW THAT’S TURNING OVER A PROFIT!!

You have probably heard a ton of stories about people who got rich buying real estate back then and are now recession-proof millionaires who can do whatever they want with their lives.

The simple fact is that if you had bought real estate several years ago you would be rich now. That is why it is absolutely key that you buy real estate TODAY if you want to be wealthy a few years from now.

The bottom line is that Real Estate is a good deal nowadays.

Are you -

  • Tired of living from pay cheque to pay cheque?
  • Mistrust that social safety nets like government pensions will still be around by the time you retire?
  • Really want to own your home one day?
  • Always thought you would make a great landlord?
  • Are interested in fixing up homes and selling them?

Then you want to read the secrets revealed in Serious Real Estate Wealth!

As you may or may not have guessed already this is an eBook that is partly about how to wholesale real estate.

How would you like to start a business that -

Requires little or no upfront cash except what you need to set up the administration of it as professionally as possible and a tiny bit of initial “risk” capital

That is extremely simple to understand and run even though in theory it is a big business

Involves little or no risk because there is no way you are going to be left with a “white elephant” on your hands

That can be operated all over the country and in any place

That can crystallize profits in a matter of days or weeks rather than months

That has no expensive ongoing costs like investing in stock

That does not require a great credit rating to operate

That does not require a real estate license to operate

That can work with any kind of property that is any kind of condition that can be bought or sold

That allows you some flexibility in allowing you to decide what you would like to make on each deal

…As you can see from this list, there are an awful lot of advantages to the wholesaling side of the real estate industry but these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to learning about the overall benefits of getting involved in this business.

Are You Set Up For Success?

I Show You How to Use All of the Angles to Broker the Buying and Selling of Real Estate to Make a Handsome Commission!

In order to create wealth buying real estate, it is essential that you know all of the fundamentals of the business and I have gone to a great deal of trouble to explain all of the basics inSerious Real Estate Wealth including -

A discussion of why you MUST stick to the sound principles described in the eBook or risk further financial duress when buying opportunities do not manifest

Why you don’t need to have money to make money to make money this way

How to have a system in place that guarantees you success when it comes to real estate every time

Why you should not let a lack of ready cash hold you back when it comes to getting rich in this way

Why you absolutely need to buy a digital camera to help you operate this business

How to develop a professional image that never wavers when it comes to impressing potential clients

A rundown of all of the essential equipment you will need to operate your business including a fax, telephone and computer

How to use a voicemail service to help land you leads

All about the business card and why it is such an essential tool of this trade

How to locate vacant properties using the services of a skip tracing organization like Pinpointers Plus

How to build a list of local property wholesalers that you can approach to increase your own business by offering your assistance

How to build a supportive business relationship with title companies in your area so they are always in a position to assist you with moving the property

How to network with local real estate agents who may have distressed properties they need to get rid of in a hurry

How to use Google to find title companies in different areas of the country

Where to find private or hard money lenders to help you with our business

How to build a relationship with your local Real Setae Investment Association

How to build a list of potential buyer s to whom you can circulate information about every property you pick up.

A description of the kind of legwork needed to help you find suitable properties that you can wholesale using local contacts

How to have the resources you need such as real estate agents, title companies and lawyers to help you seal the deal

How to find reliable contractors who can help you out with small property renovations that you may be pushing

…Real estate is the ultimate vehicle for creating wealth, and the more knowledge you gain, the more money you can make. To become a successful real estate empire builder you simply cannot be without this book which can guide a newbie to buying property through the entire process!

Even if you know a great deal about real estate, this eBook will be a handy reference that you will find yourself turning to again and again too answer all of the questions you may have.

This user friendly, concise and easy-to-understand eBook is designed to explain to you all of the basic fundamentals of how to get rich buying and selling real estate, from the definition of real estate to learning how you can earn $100,000 a year, tax free.

Never Be Paralyzed By Financial Problems Again!

Make 100 Times What You Paid For This eBook and Find Financial Security At Last

In Serious Real Estate Wealth you will also read about all kinds of rags to riches stories that seemed to happen because individuals had the right attitude towards getting out of their financial hole.

Even if their financial situation was the metaphorical equivalent of digging themselves out of a twenty foot hole using nothing but a teaspoon they managed not only to survive but also to thrive as self-made real estate moguls!

Again and again I have seen proof that when it comes to making money in this way your mind is your most powerful key to success so in Serious Real Estate Wealth I devote an entire chapter to the importance of having a good attitude and having mental mastery over what you are doing. You will find out -

How to turn the improbable into the probable even if you do not have thousands of dollars to invest in the housing market

How you can train yourself to believe that you can put an extra five figures in your pocket each and every month and manage to do this while only putting in part time hours!

The difference between positive thinking and “wishful thinking” and how to put your strategies and plans into affect so you can see profits from your efforts

Why it is a big mistake (and a common one) to believe that managing real estate is too complex for you to handle

Why it is perceptually flawed to believe that anyone who IS making money from real estate investments is actually smarter than you!

Why working for yourself in this way turns you into the greatest equal opportunity employer ever because age, looks, gender and other “profiling” factors have nothing to do with your ability to make thousands and even millions of dollars

Why it is a mistake to think that selling a house is like winning the lottery – serious strategizing goes into mastering and sealing a real estate deal

Why hoping you will succeed is not the same as being proactive about succeeding

Why it is impossible to have a negative mindset if every single move you make is based on fact rather than wishful thinking

How to focus on where you are going with this real estate business and how you are going to get there

How to set genuine objectives for where you would like to take your real estate business

Why it is so important to establish with 100% clarity exactly what you want to achieve when operating your business

Why the mental trick of focusing on what to do with money rather than focusing on the money itself can help you succeed

How to convince your subconscious mind that you are going to be successful and banish negativity about making money forever

How to physically visualize your goal and remind yourself of it every day

Why it physically helps to tell yourself three or four times every day that you are going to achieve our objective

How you can be helped by gurus like Robert Kivosaki and Tony Robbins

How to behave like a true real estate professional’

How to prep yourself to deal with people from all walks of life ranging from layers to loan companies to people in debt to the very rich

…and much more sound, solid and sensible information about how to train your mindset so that you are successful at buying and selling real estate.

However don’t get the impression that Serious Real Estate is just a bunch of New Age hoky-poky. This is not an ebook about wishing your way to success. It a primer in the very practical side of running your real estate business.

In Serious Real Estate Wealth you will learn such practical things as -

Choosing what role you will play in this business which can require varying levels of commitment

Why it may not be such a good idea to be 100% hands on in your new business and do everything yourself

How to recognize which tasks are the most important ones for you to do and which ones could be outsourced or delegated to someone else

Why having a structured business plan in place is crucial to any business

How to think big when first formulating your business so you can make big money later

Where to find virtual assistants who can help you run your business

How to be a wholesale broker for dealing properties – otherwise known as flipping properties

Find out how you can bring someone who wants to sell a property with someone who wants to buy one and make big money

How to find suitable properties to sell and what questions to ask of an owner of a delinquent property

How to build a list of local property wholesalers to whom you can offer your services

How to use both the internet and the newspapers to find property ads submitted by desperate people who need to sell fast

What exactly you should say when approaching wholesalers

How to find properties by yourself by walking or driving around a local district

How to trace the owner of a rundown property and make a deal with them so they will sell

How to approach potential rehabbers who might be interested in buying and renovating run down properties

How to make sure the price of a property is low enough for both you and the rehabber you are selling it to make a profit on

How to capitalize on abandoned, vacant, vandalized or boarded Houses

How to make money off of older or uglier prosperities that nobody seems to want to buy

How to broker or sell prosperities that have been damaged by flood, fire or mold

How to offer to take an abandoned property off of someone’s hands

How to sell a property that already has a tenant in it

How to appear to rescue a property that an owner has had trouble fixing and flipping and successfully resell it

How to find areas in your region that might be a rich source of properties that are in need of fixing and flipping

How to know when you are flogging a dead horse when trying to sell a property

… and many more secrets from the professionals who work in this business.

However the whole point behind Serious Real Estate Wealth is that you do not have to be a professional to make money with it!

Are You Ready to Learn the Art of the Deal?

How is it Possible to Be In the Real Estate Business With No License, No Reputation and No Capital!

Don’t let the fact that you don’t have any qualifications at all stop you from becoming a real estate mogul like Donald Trump.

In fact, most people that get into the “house flipping” business actually started out as amateurs or enthusiasts. None of them have licenses or credentials and they still manage to make hundreds of thousands of dollars using the methods described in Serious Real Estate Wealth.

The key is understanding that you are NOT buying the property! You are buying a contract that you can assign to anyone else in return for your asking price!

In my ebook I got to great lengths to explain the buying and transaction process in great detail including -

How you can get into this business with less than two hundred bucks in your account

How you can manage to buy properties with no cash or no cash down!

How to convince a down and out owner to part with a property that you are sure you can sell

What to put on the table when you are trying to arrange an agreement between buyer and seller

How to find out how much money someone may owe on a property

What to do if current owners cannot agree to your price and work with them so that your proposal is more viable

How complete a contract of sale between yourself and the property owner where they are a seller and you are a buyer

Where to find standard sales contracts that you can use for free to finalize your transactions

How obtain or buy contractors from professional organizations such as the National Association of Realtors

How to leave a ten dollar deposit with the seller to seal the deal!

How to close the deal in 45 days or less!

How to sell even without any kind of buyer set up in advance!

…and everything else that you need to know to seal the deal legally and officially so that you are rolling in the dough effortlessly!

Of course you are not going to get anywhere in this business if you don’t know how to market yourself which is why I devote a whole chapter on this subject in Serious Real Estate Wealth as well.

Success all comes down to marketing and in this ground breaking eBook I teach you how to get that phone ringing off the hook with calls from people who both want to buy and sell from you including -

How to find a substantial list of people that you can promote every property you find to

Why the strength of your buyer list will ultimately decide how successful you are

How to recognize a red “hot” prospect

How to get so savvy that you can shift almost any property with just an e-mail, phone call or fax

How to advertise the fact that you can get rid of their property at no cost to them

How to market yourself as someone who gets personally involved so that your sellers trust you

Why it is illegal to market yourself as a realtor or property professional in any way

How to create an ad that sells or buys without breaking any rules or making false promises

How to write a broad generic advertisement that says you want houses that you can post just about anywhere

The best places on the internet to post your advertisements so you can target your locality

How to advertise to attract people who are looking to rehab house

How to do cold “calls” and collect essential information such as emails and phone numbers from people who call you to create a customer database

How to write an ad that lures them in with a deal that might not actually exist

How to advertise the property before you actually have the contract with the seller all sewed up

How to write the perfect copy to get it sold as soon as possible

The definition of a “knockdown deal” and how to present one to buyers

The “lingo” and jargon you should use when writing advertising that sells like “Handyman Special!”

How to make the sale sound like it is going fast by putting some kind of time limit on it

In addition I have included a complete list of really great places online you can post your information about the properties that you have.

I also explain how you can market using Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing or Microsoft Advertising.

Yet another thing I explain is how you can submit property details to run a three day property auction using the site I teach you how to set the auction so that all viewers can bid either by placing their bid online or by contacting you to ask you to do it on their behalf and how to use open bidding systems like this to help push the price of the property up.

When you have an agreed upon buyer you can place the deal under contract and collect your money!

Of course when it comes to this business there is one way to skin a cat but I think that the advice in this eBook teaches you the fasts most efficient way of accumulating serious real estate wealthy quickly and easily.

In essence I am teaching you to be successful by teaching you the nuts and bolts of putting together a deal after you have sold it to both parties involved (buyer and seller) by using effective and aggressive marketing techniques.

So How MUCH Money Can You Expect to Make Utilizing the Methods in Serious Real Estate Wealth?

How Would You Like to Make Ten Grand Per Deal You Close?

It’s NOT As Hard As You Think!

The business model I have created is simple and straightforward and I think that anyone can understand it. The language I have used in this eBook is easy to comprehend and the book is laid out in a way that takes you through the process of selling so you feel just like you are there closing a deal with me in real life.

One of the beautiful things about this way of making a living is that you can start out part-time, then gradually make it full-time and then end up making a great deal of money.

The key is to focus on property that nobody else is interested in and present it as a real estate treasure that deserves investment!

Perhaps the idea of making money from real estate without having thousands of dollars behind you may seem a little improbable, but let me assure you that it is not.

The system that you are going to read of is my personal version of a widely recognized method of making money from real estate that thousands of people all over the country are using each and every day to put an extra five figures in their pocket every month working from home on a part-time basis.

Now, you may have heard of ordinary people, folks who are not licensed realtors doing this, or you may not.

Either way, it is a fact that there are people making a great income on a part-time or full-time basis from real estate and by the fact you are here right now, I know that you want to join them!

Let me put it this way. What do you think successful real estate business owners have that you don’t, apart from a successful business that they broadly built from nothing?


Once you have all the players in place there should be plenty of profit for everybody in every single deal that you make!


“Want to Get Rich During a Serious Recession Without Risking One Single Cent Of Your Own Money?”

Would you like to get your hands on a free chapter that can teach you everything you need to know about the right mindset to make serious money in Real Estate… quickly, easily and even during a recession?

The Serious Real Estate Wealth free chapter will explain everything there is to know about:

How having the right mindset will make or break your real estate ventures!

Why having no cash won’t stop you from being a success in real estate!

How to achieve 100% clarity on your transactions!

Two people that share what you need to sky rocket your real estate business during a recession!

A resource from over 100 years ago that will boost your sales today!

You’ll learn exactly what you should be doing in simple language. This is one free report that you will feel guilty not paying for.

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